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Starting this summer, thousands of children in Washington County became eligible for health care coverage.The catch: Their parents are undocumented immigrants.At the same time that more immigrant families can receive health care coverage, the immigration policies of President Donald Trump have had a “chilling effect” on immigrants, documented or otherwise, seeking services, according to Maria Loredo, chief operating officer for the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center, which serves much of Washington and portions of Yamhill counties. And it did so while changing the definition of “eligible” from “lawfully present” youths to include any children who resident in Oregon.An estimated 17,600 children, ages 0 to 18, became eligible statewide. It unknown how many of them are in Washington County.The theory: Providing regular medical care for young people including dental, mental health and behavioral health services is much cheaper than waiting until they are in crisis and seeing them in emergency rooms.Senate Bill 558 was championed this year by Gov.

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